Human Resource Development

A. Assessment 

We can help you improve engagement and reduce employee turnover, by putting the right candidates in the right roles.


B. Human Resource Development

Human Resources can`t expect to keep up with a changing world by standing still. HR professionals need to equip their operations, and themselves, to function in a rapidly changing global environment.

We think of the future of HR differently than most. Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganizations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. But at SuperKey, we don`t just want you to react to these issues — we want your HR team to become an essential business function leading the way in delivering bottom-line results. We have designed 6 programs that address the needs of global competition:

1. Charming and Care

Program Insight

  • Professional Image Concept 
  • Business Communication Etiquette
  • Business Meeting Etiquette
  • Powerfull Body Language
  • Table Manners
  • Dress for Success
  • Make Up and Hair Do 

2. Customer Engagement for Front Liners

Program Insight

  • Serve to Survive
  • My Role as A Service Encounter
  • Effective Communication with Customer
  • Delivering Company`s Services Standard
  • Empathy and Assertiveness
  • Telephone, E-Mail, SMS Courtessy
  • Customer`s Personality Types
  • Handling Customer Complain
  • Impressive Appearance
  • Going Extra Mile and Can Do Attitude 

3. Customer Focus Selling

Program Insgiht

  • From Comfort Zone Into Challenging Zone
  • Smart Prospecting
  • Effective and Impressive Communication
  • Reading Customers`s Type & Preference
  • Probing and Creating Desire and Demand
  • Presenting Values to Your Customer
  • Handling Customer Objection
  • Reach The Closing
  • Customer Database Crafting
  • Building Extraordinary Relationship
  • Sales Games

4. Impresive Negotiation Skill

Program Insgiht

  • The Negotiation Concept and Path
  • Know and Understand Your Customer
  • Preparing A Smart Shopping List
  • Win – Win Mindset
  • Opening a Negotiation Process
  • The Exchaning Process & Tactis
  • Presening F-A-B Model
  • Handling Objections
  • Reaching an Agreement
  • Smart Lobbying
  • Negotiation Games 

5. Outstanding Team Work

Program Insight

  • What is “an effective team”?
  • Team Evolution Stages
  • Effective Communication
  • Understand Personality Types
  • Trust Among Others
  • Effective Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Spirit
  • Effective Feedback
  • Team Commitment 

6. Powerfull Public Speaking & Presentation

Program Insight

  • Presentation & Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Preparing Your Self for A Presentation
  • Crafting Your Materials
  • Using Tools and Aids to Maximize Impact
  • Understanding People Learning Style
  • Powerful Opening
  • Delivering Your Ideas
  • Answering Questions and Doubts
  • Summarizing and Closing
  • Leaving Positive Image
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Games