SuperKey was created in 2015, Today, SuperKey is one of the national`s largest Business, Finance and Human Resource consulting firms, boasting over 1,000 employees and multiple offices in Indonesia.

Its practices focus on business, finance and human resources management.


SuperKey is a future leader in the business consulting marketplace, globally. The firm delivers trusted advisory services and innovative solutions that help employers and their employees improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of business. Whether a small business, a domestic employer, or a large multinational firm, SuperKey can deliver custom business solutions that meet unique client needs. SuperKey provides access to local market experts as well as national and international resources that advise on regulatory compliance and innovative strategies across business management.

The firm provides services to clients in: Feasibility Study, Product Development, Standard Operational Procedure, Business Planning, Market Research, Risk Management, Marketing Management, Business Assistance & Access to Banking.


SuperKey is the one of national`s largest institutional investment advisor with over Rp.100bn in assets under advice. The firm is also a future global leader in the provision of finance and related services. Its Finance business provides services to clients in four broad areas: financial planning, banking, insurance, wealth management, and corporate finance.

Human Resource

Because the roles of human resources departments in various organizations differ in driving change, priorities and processes must be clearly defined. Our services are designed to address your specific HR development approach and help you implement reliable and productive change management strategies. We make sure changes made in your business result in improved productivity and increased sales to ensure a competitive edge and strengthen your market share.

We provide services to clients in 2 board areas: Assessment & Recruitment and Human Resource Development.


Best Regards,

Reni Fitriani, QWP, CPMM, CPMM

Chief Executive Officer


  • Alhamdulillah, menemukan banyak sekali masukan mengenai Financial Planning, saya akan coba aplikasikan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, karena ini sangat membantu sekali dalam mengatur keuangan rumah tangga, senang sekali dapat berkonsultasi dan mengikuti seminar dari superkey consulting dan dari Mbak Reni, sukses terus ya, yang lain jangan lupa untuk belajar mengenai perencanaan keuangan, karena sangat berguna sekali. 

    Meggy Kiwil
    Public Figure
  • Sahabat SuperKey Consulting,  Jasa Perencanaan Keuangan  Syariah Terbaik, saya sangat mensupport keuangan Islam karena ini merupakan kebaikan. Yuk kita sama -sama belajar dalam hal kebaikan terutama mengenai keuangan Islam. 

    Risty Tagor
    Public Figure
  • SuperKey Consulting adalah jasa konsultan yang sangat professional, dan semua pelatihan atau seminar yang dibuatnya sangat inspirasional dan sangat impactful. Jadi ikutilah semua event yang dibuat oleh SuperKey, kalian akan menjadi SuperPeople. Sukses terus untuk SuperKey. 

    Ongky Hojanto
    Inspirator Sukses No 1 Indonesia

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